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Why we're different....


After over 20 years in the residential construction industry, we know that clients love to be "in the know".  From estimating to scheduling, from invoicing through completion, our clients are updated and educated on all the details of their project. 


Our estimates are broken down into specific "line items" detailing the scope of work as well as the costs associated with that particular line item.  This way our clients can see the cost drivers of their project and make adjustments accordingly.  This also allows our clients understand the progression of the project, so they can plan as needed.

Once our estimate is complete, our contract will give you peace of mind knowing that the work discussed and agreed upon is the work to be completed.  We provide our clients with a detailed daily schedule of their project and explain where their decisions and input will be needed, so there's no stress on our clients to make a last minute decision or be hurried into a final design.


In any renovation project, or anything in life for that matter, communication is PARAMOUNT.  Through decades of feedback from our clients, we have implemented a variety of protocols to ensure that our clients are constantly updated on their project, from the planning phase all the way to day we pack up and clean the site after completion.  

Besides being ultra responsive prior to the commencement of the project, we provide DAILY emails to our clients updating them on the progress of their project, any challenges we faced, as well as any feedback or answers we need from our clients.  This allows our projects to progress quicker and without the traditional headaches associated with contractors that are unavailable or unapproachable.  

Additionally, the owner of Elite Renovations is on the jobsite each day to work with clients on the details and is available via phone or text throughout the day to keep clients updated as the day progresses. 


In addition to our transparency, Elite Renovations provides a level of integrity that few other companies in our industry can supply.  Our process is tried and true, focusing on the client experience and reducing the stress and confusion of a mismanaged project.  We pride ourselves on educating our clients so they understand what we are doing and why - and that provides them with peace of mind.

We have all heard the nightmare stories of contractors starting a job and never finishing, or worse, completing a project that isn't the way it was discussed with the client in the first place.  Elite Renovations has instituted many redundancies in our process that create a low-stress environment that our clients just love.

We only offer services that we are confident we can complete, and do so with a level of excellence that is unmatched.  We are honest and upfront with our clients and can walk them through the scope of work and the details to ensure a successful and enjoyable renovation process.

Follow Through

One of the most frustrating issues clients have to deal with on a renovation project is a contractor that doesn't follow through on what they say they're going to creates unnecessary stress and tension on what is already a stressful situation for a client.  Clients don't want projects lagging on or to be told one thing only to not have those expectations come to fruition.

As a result of our process, from planning to completion, you will be assured to know we do everything we can to ensure our projects go smoothly and as expected.  If there are any issues or surprises, we work WITH our clients to explain their options and offer our professional opinion to keep the project moving forward and doing so in a timely manner to completion.

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